Tara our Grand old lady, photos and her two litters

Taramont Iora Rua, FI MVA, FI CH *18.02.2001-08.09.2014


A4 Toukokuu    A8 Syyskuu Photo’s of Tara over the years. Tara loved outdoor life, enjoyed her pups and was a super grandma to Rosa’s 17 pups.   Cottage July 2011 142  IMG_0135 IMG_1799   IMG_7677 Nauvo June 2012 052 Tara heinikossa copy    Tara, Glen of Imaal Terrier Tara, Glen of Imaal Terrier1

Taramont Iora Rua

A2 Maaliskuu


Tara mummo Grandma Tara08.09.2014 Our most beloved grand old Lady Tara has gone to the Rainbow Bridge in this afternoon. It was not easy decision to take her to the vet even though I knew this is a best service I can do to my faithful and dear friend. Tara’s liver condition started to suddenly deteriorate 3 weeks ago. She has had good and bad days but last night was agonizing and she was clearly in pain, disorientated and restless. Yesterday evening we had a lovely doggy walk and we went through all Tara´s favourite places with my two other glens. We have tried to prepare ourselves to this moment by saying good byes to all the important people and doggy friends during last few weeks. Still it was heart-breaking when the moment of giving up her came. When I looked once more into the trusting eyes of my dear Tara I knew that it was right time to let her go. Tara will be gone from our lives but never absent from our hearts. She was our first Glen and sunshine of our lives 13 ½ trustful years. By now she will be happily together with her dear brother Mondy playing in the green fields of Glen heaven. Tara aka Taramont Iora Rua 18.02.2001-08.09.2014. Photo of Tara is taken August 2014.


N-pentue/litter; Taramont Niamh Tirnan’Og, Taramont Nanoise, Taramont Niall Ard-ri, Taramont Noidhiu, Taramont Nolan Buaiteoir, Taramont Nuadha


O-pentue/litter; Taramont Orfhlaith, Taramont Ownah, Taramont Ochain, Taramont Ochma Cermait, Taramont Oisin Mac Fionn, Taramont Oll Mor, Taramont O’Mara, Taramont OwainA7 Elokuu