Glenrosedale Aoibheann Nion Rós aka Hertta; ENGLISH

Hertta Swedish CERT, Best Junior24_HerttaHertta is born July 22nd 2012 and she has already been very successful at several dog shows. She is C.I.B. Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian and Nordic Show Champion , Estonian Junior Winner 2013, Belgian Winner 2013, Finnish Junior Winner 2013, Nordic Junior Winner 2013, Tallinn Winter Cup Winner 2014 & 2015, Swedish Winner 2014.

At CRUFTS 2014 Hertta won the open class despite her young age at that time (19 months) and became BB2 and got the Kennel Club Reserve Challenge Certificate, Judge Mel Hardy, UK. Hertta is a first Finnish Glen to get this achievement at Crufts and we are all very proud of her great success.  

Crufts 2014 Hertta

Hertta is also very sweet character and good tempered young glen lady.  I have plans to breed Hertta in this year 2015, mating will happen in April-May -15.  Hertta is PRA free and no evidence of other inherited eye diseases have been found in the clinical eye examination by the eye specialist. In addition the hips, elbows and patella luxation have been examined. In the heart auscultation no heart murmur was detected. Hertta has also participated the Mental Description test (MH-test). She is confirmed to be a healthy representative of the Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers. All the test results are found in the link of below in the Finnish Kennel Club data base.