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Glenrosedale Buagh Rí Arthur Milo became a Estonian Junior Winner and Estonian Winner 2016


Hertta became Norwegian and Nordic Champion at Int. Dog. Show at Bo, Norway

BOS Glenrosedale Aoibheann Nion Rós, CAC, CACIB Norwegian and Nordic Champion and BOB Marfidal Rohjaton Pohmu CACIB, Judge Colette Muldoon, Ireland.IMG_0660IMG_0696

Glenrosedale siblings Ardal and Hertta were BOB and BOS at Tallinn Winter Cup 2015

Glenrosedale siblings won the double jackpot at the Int. Dog Show Tallinn Winter Cup 2015. Glenrosedale Ardal Ridire Áin Rí and Glenrosedale Aoibheann Nion Rós both got CAC’s and CACIB’s and will be now eligible for the titles Estonian Show Champion and International Beauty Champion (C.I.B.)

Tallinn Winter Cup Winners 2015 IMG_0508 IMG_0537

Glenrosedale Aoibheann Nion Rós became Swedish Winner 2014

IMG_9951 Hertta Swedish Winner 14 Per Unden

Glenrosedale Ardal Ridire Áin Rí became Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Nordic Champion

Glenrosedale Ardal Ridire Áin RíArdal aka Glenrosedale Ardal Ridire Áin Rí  Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Nordic Champion. Owner Janne Leino and Niina Suoranta, Puuppola.


Glenrosedale Aoibheann Nion Rós aka Hertta became Finnish Champion at Porvoo

Finnish Champion Hertta Hertta became Finnish Show Champion after 4 days she turned 2 yrs old. At the same time Hertta also qualified for Swedish Show Champion. Hertta’s dear grandma Tara was VET BOB and BB2 Hertta being BOB of the show. Judge was Kommo Mustonen, Finland.




Glenrosedale Aoibheann Nion Rós at Crufts 2014

Crufts 2014 First in Open ClassIMG_5001 Hertta did very well indeed at Crufts 2014 being first in the open class and became BB2 and got the Kennel Club Reserve Challenge Certificate. Hertta is the first Finnish Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier to get this great achievement! We were so happy and proud about Hertta’s great success. Judge was Mr. Mel Hardy, U.K.

Iris aka Stiubhard First Lady at Glenrosedale BOB Puppy, EXC, HP at Tallinn Winter Cup 2014 Int. Dog Show

IMG_4510 IMG_4517

Glenrosedale siblings Hertta and Ardal at a great success at Tallinn Winter Cup 2014 Int. Dog Show

Tallinn Winter Cup 2014Glenrosedale Aoibheann Nion Rós aka Hertta BOB, EXC, CAC, CACIB and Glenrosedale Ardal Ridire Áin Rí aka Ardal BOS, EXC, CAC, CACIB

Finnish Junior Winner 2013, Glenrosedale Aiobheann Nion Rós aka Hertta

IMG_3816 IMG_3821